"I need chainmail armor, chainmail jewelry, chainmail accessories, and rings for chainmail" you tell the barkeep. "You mean 'maille', don't you?" he replies with a quick smirk. This irritates you slightly - "Yes, however you say it - maille, chainmaile, chain mail, chainmail, chainmaille, or maile - I want armor for me, jewelry - perhaps a handflower or necklace - for my lady, and a dice bag for my son's trinkets. I could also use some saw-cut chainmail rings for making a few items and repairng some others..." The barkeep looks at you for a moment, then withdraws a scroll case from behind the counter. "I reckon this will help you find what you're looking for...but it will cost you!" As he stares expectantly at your belt pouch, you open it and withdraw a gold sovereign, flipping it onto the bar. "This should cover my drink and that scroll, friend." "Indeed it should," mumbles the barkeep. "Indeed it should..."

The map leads you to a humble shop about 4 miles outside the city. As you approach, a gentle clinking/scuffling sound fills your ears as you feel a strange texture beneath your feet - looking down, you see that the ground here is littered with loose rings in all different sizes and materials. You stoop over and pick one up - These are unlike any links you've ever seen! Perfectly round with beautiful cuts...Suddenly you hear a voice. "Don't mind those - those are my rejects..." You look up and meet eyes with a friendly looking gentleman wearing a shop apron and heavy gloves covered in metallic dust. "Come inside and have a look around - I think you'll find what you are looking for" He turns and pushes the door to the shop open as he beckons you to enter. "and if you don't, I'll make it for you!"