Chainmail Web Links

There are a number of useful resources out there from which I've expanded my knowledge with regard to the topic of Mail. Please check out these resources if you are interested...

Mail Artisan's International League (MAIL)
MAIL is an organization for furthering the art of chainmail. There are links to tutorials, gallerys, patterns, a thriving message board, and more! Pretty much everything you could ever want to know, and then some.

The Bladeturner Amorory (Formerly The New Colluphid Armory)
The Bladeturner Armory contains a great deal of information regarding chain mail. A number of patterns are available at this site.

Dylon White's Art of Chainmail
Dylon has a wealth of information for sale here, from books he has written to single pages on constructing weaves and items. There are also some great free tutorials for constructing european, persian, and japanese weaves. He is now selling his Master's Course on his page - I highly recommend it!

Chain Mail Basket (CMB)
An excellent site with nice tutorials, documentation and data on different weaves, and an extensive project gallery from which to draw inspiration. The inlays are particularly cool.


These are other artisans I work with to bring you one of a kind creations:

Cricket Glass Creations
Cricket Glass is my exclusive supplier for glass cabs. I love wrapping these in chainmail and working them into designs! Every cab is absolutely unique and makes for a stunning creation. Please check out Zoell's work, and if you ever see her at a show tell her Andre sent you!

Other Chainmail Vendors

Chainmail and More

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