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Welcome to West Coast Chainmail




December 19: We are re-opening the store earlier than anticipated. Please note, though, that orders placed between now and the end of the year may not ship until after January 1, 2018. We are traveling on business through December 22, and will be taking a break for the Christmas Holiday following that. Orders which were placed before December 8 will ship as soon as humanly possible.

Greetings and salutations, weary traveler.  I am Andre 'Ironband' Miron, chainmail artist extrodinaire.  Here you will find chainmail armor, jewelry, dicebags, loose links, and more.  The word is that you've been searching through mountain and dale for the finest chainmail goods in the land.  You need search no further!  All of our products are made from jeweler's saw-cut links for the best closures and fewest snags/pulls on your hair and garb.

Our chainmail armor is just the thing for your next battle or LARP event.  Stunningly original and elegant designs await you in our jewelry bazaar - I'm sure you'll find just the thing to wear to the renaissance faire, LARP, or an evening out.  Dice Bags are our signature product, often sold at gaming conventions around the bay area, we offer both lined and unlined versions to carry your dice or trinkets in style.  Our chainmail accessories include everything that doesn't fit into a category - juggling balls, purses, keychains, and favors are available in this area. 

You say you want to make your own chainmail creations?  Our saw-cut loose links are of the highest quality and available in numerous sizes and materials. 

What's that?  You want something you don't see here?  We'd be happy to help create it for you - just stop in and look at our custom order information, drop us an email, and we'll see what we can whip up for you!

So remove your cloak and warm yourselves by the forge while you eye our wares - I'm sure you'll find something that suits your fancy to take home with you...

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